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Robert Bettencourt

Robert Bettencourt



Name: Robert Bettencourt
Quote: "Aspire to inspire before we expire"

I was a lazy obese gamer kid in high school and at one point I weighed a whopping 287 at 47% body fat! I got into working out and started steady working out but nothing to big, more for strength. But when 2016 came around I decided that I was going to do a contest/show to prove that no matter how badly you messed up before that you can still change and accomplish things that you thought were never possible! I dropped down to 177lbs the day of the weigh ins. I use to think that working out was a hobby of mine but I find it more of a lifestyle if you know what I mean.
I am an avid fisherman. I always enjoyed the performance side of cars and of course, I love lifting weights!
One of the biggest achievements I have accomplished is losing 110 lbs at one point. At the Kauai cup in 2016 I got a huge ovation from the crowd, judges and fellow contestants for my huge fitness transformation. 



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