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Mighty Mike

Mighty Mike

Mighty Mike Conol flexing pose


Name: Mighty Mike

Born in the Visayas Region of the Philippines, Mike moved to the United States at 10 years old. Mike has always been active, but at 16 years old he decided to make it a lifestyle, not only did his physique change, but also his mindset has changed. He started his fitness journey with his own selfish reasons, but it quickly shifted to wanting to motivate everyone else around him. Mike is a National Level Lightweight Bodybuilder and a Master 82kg Powerlifter. Mike is also a Reptile and Dog lover (he owns 3 Dogs and a few Snakes). He's currently prepping for the 2016 Show Season.


2012 NPC Contra Costa -1st place Novice Lightweight 2nd place Open
2012 NPC USA - 12th place
2013 NPC San Jose 1st place Novice and Open Lightweight and Novice - Overall Winner

2013 NPC USA Las Vegas - 5th place
2014 NPC USA Las Vegas - 3rd Place




Mighty Mike Conol powerlifting

Mighty Mike Conol flex pose

Mighty Mike Conol curling in gym

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