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Eric Yamashita

Eric Yamashita



Name: Eric "Big E" Yamashita
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

"Be so good that they cannot ignore you! " 
"Obstacles always provide opportunities."

Health and fitness are my passion and have been my life since 1986. I've had my personal training business since 1993 and have helped 100's live healthier lives thru nutrition and exercise. I strive to be a living example for my son, family , friends and clients , not only by words but by ACTIONS. Hard work always pays off! 

  • Contest Prep & Posing Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 1993
  • Owner of E. Yamashita Personal Training


1987 Hawaiian Classic - 2nd Novice Lightweight and Best Poser (@ 117 lbs!) 
1988 Mr. 50th State - 1st Open Lightweight 
1989 Paradise Cup - 2nd Men's Open Lightweight (15th in class) and Best Poser
1993 Mr Hawaiian Islands - 3rd Men's Open Lightweight (National Qualifier) 
1994 Mr Hawaiian Islands - 1st Men's Open Bantam (National Qualifier) 
1994 Big Island Classic - 1st Men's Open Lightweight
1995 Tournament of Champions - 1st Open Bantam (overall was Jay Cutler) - Redondo Beach , CA
1996 NPC USA bodybuilding Championships - 1st Bantam - Long Beach , CA 
1997 NPC Nationals (Dallas, TX) - 5th Men's Open Bantam
2002 Sacramento Championships - 1st Men's Open Bantam
2002 NPC Nationals (Dallas, TX) - 4th Men's Open Bantam 
2013 NPC Los Angeles Championships - 1st Men's Open Bantam
2013 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships - 2nd Men's Open Bantam


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